Professional Direction – A Reading with the Liber T Tarot

Yesterday, Mihira in India asked me to do a Tarot reading for her. She is an aspiring young lawyer, not quite sure right now which direction to take in her career.

Instead of my “default”, the Crowley Thoth deck, this time I opted to use the Liber T Tarot of Stars Eternal, which is a variation of the Thoth and was given me by an associate some time ago (thanks again, DreamBliss!). Mihira kindly allowed me to post her reading on my blog, and promised to give detailed comments here. So stay tuned, folks!

Mihira, here follows your reading:


As you told me, you changed your mind about going back to further education and decided to apply for a job as an attorney. A quick reading I subsequently did suggested that things would develop quite satisfactorily. So I was happy to hear your confirmation soon afterwards, when you had received three (!) offers for employment from corporate law firms. Your query now is which one best to choose. For reasons of discretion, we will simply call them offer 1, offer 2 and offer 3, just like you referred to them briefly in your message to me.

I did a so called “decision spread”, however, I modified it to include three rather than, as usual, only two options. I drew three cards for each option plus a significator representing you in your present situation.

Significator: 9 of Spheres (Collection)

This card is showing a woman (doesn’t she somehow look Indian?) carrying a treasure chest. Three people are making offerings to her! I do think this card speaks for itself…

Liber T - 9 of Spheres

For offer 1, we first have the Queen of Sceptres. She is dynamic and authoritative, yet far-sighted and adaptable. She could definitely stand for a brilliant female attorney. She is attributed with Aries and Pisces. Which is particularly interesting in light of your Sun in a fire sign and your Moon in Pisces. This suggests that you would gain a lot of respect in that firm, quite likely even find yourself in a leading position sooner or later.

Liber T Queen of Sceptres

The 3 of Disks (Construction) (sorry, I couldn’t find any picture of it) talks of true achievements, the realization of projects. In light of the previous card, it may not be amiss to assume that your engagement might substantially help advance that firm forward. Mars in Capricorn is linked to persisting effort which surely pays off well here.

The Hierophant could be that very seasoned attorney in charge that you have mentioned to me. I figure he might become a close mentor for you. There is little doubt in my mind that you would learn much in that establishment.

Liber T Hierophant

Talking about offer 2, we have the Art card. Employment in that firm would be relaxed and peaceful. You wouldn’t be experiencing that much stress. Your work, overall, would presumably be rather that of a mediator.

Liber T - Art

We further have the Ace of Cups. Your activity would be accompanied by joy and deep emotional satisfaction. Nice!

Liber T - Ace of Cups

However, we have also got 5 of Swords (Fear of Defeat) for offer 2. It looks like there would be insecurity and fear of the future. Could it be that the firm is economically somewhat unstable?

Liber T - 5 of Swords

Now to offer 3. We start with the Knight of Spheres (again, I have no digital version available, however, the Thoth equivalent shown below is almost identical). He is one hard labourer! The card shows him looking out on what has been achieved after a day of tough work.

Thoth - Knight of Disks

The next card – quite in keeping with the previous one – is the 7 of Spheres (Restriction). So it must be assumed that you would be undergoing a fair amount of hardship and limitation there. Especially as a newbie in the firm, I would imagine. Sorry to say, that must be you lying there in the mud. And, oh my goodness – is the giant boar in the background supposed to be your boss?!

Liber T - 7 of Spheres

Lest we jump to premature conclusions, the Magus shows us that you would indeed be able to supremely master those challenges – and might come out of them honed to an excellent practitioner!

Liber T Magus

Well, dear Mihira, as you certainly know, Tarot and I cannot and don’t wish to take the decision away from you. All we can do is to try to foresee what you could expect on each of the possible paths – as far as we can tell!

Personally, I would like best to see you in option 1. Where indeed the Queen of Sceptres (“you”) is standing! That path does look challenging, yet really rewarding, both internally and externally.

Option 2 seems to be the most comfortable one. You could surely draw much gratification from an employment in that firm. However, your position would not appear to be very fortified.

With option 3, better get ready for a tough ride! The underlying theme here seems to be: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! With results of reputable quality, we can assume.

It is your task now to go deep inside yourself to discern the path that is most in tune with your true self – just like the Hermit does, the numerical summary card of this whole spread.

Liber T - Hermit

Very best wishes!


Added: A photo of the whole spread.



3 thoughts on “Professional Direction – A Reading with the Liber T Tarot

    • Glad you like it, Vlad.
      Mind you, I added a photo of the spread to my post above. In cases where there are only two options to consider, it is done without the series middle series.
      A few cards have special significance in this spread: The Lovers (VI) suggests that the querent has actually already made a decision for that side. If Fortune (X) shows up in one of the series, there is a strong current taking the querent in that direction. The Star (XVII), the Aeon (XX) or the Universe (XXI) in one of the series greatly support it.
      But in our present reading, we have none of that.


  1. Hi Michael,

    This is Mihira here, leaving you some feedback on the reading. Firstly, how perfect is it that you chose the 9 of Pentacles as the significator because she is who I almost always come up as (or at least a future version of me- more successful and fulfilled) in tarot readings.. I agree with everything that you said for Option 1, however it has ceased to exist now. He would be a truly wonderful mentor and it would e an absolute honour to be associated with him, but the thing is that I am not rushing into committing myself anywhere. Those are some great cards there, but the work profile is something I can’t see myself doing all year. The only one I have in hand (sort of?) is Offer 2. I really like those two cards, the Five of Swords isn’t something I would have liked to see there. They are not economically unstable, on the contrary.. They are VERY upwardly mobile, a young, dynamic firm. Perhaps it means that I may not continue forever there? It is only my first job after all. Do you see me staying on for at least a year in Option 2? THAT is the most important thing for me, apart from quality of work and my personal fulfilment.
    Option 3 is a straight no, after seeing your cards and hearing that he has split from the firm he was associated with, and has started his own firm. He is personally pretty great, but he mostly does a certain kind of work that does not interest me much, without really going in deep with the details here. I really like the cards for option 1, but do you see it paying well AND paying off well later? The thing is, there are 2 earth cards and one Queen of Wands ill dignifying that. So, is that telling me NOT to be like her and to be more grounded, sensible, earthy as those would be the qualities favoured? Team work would be given precedence, and that I would have a lot of learning to do. The whole job looks pretty traditional to me, which I like except for those follow up questions I have. My only question wrt Option 2 is, if you could may be post a bit more detail on the Five of Swords. It is called Defeat, is it not? How does that play in with art and Ace of Cups? Also, do you read with elemental dignities? I don’t know whether I will be getting to do mediation work or not, because I have applied for a post in the Litigation team, and Alternative Dispute Resolution DOES come under that, but I am not sure how much of it, the firm does. Hoping for more clarity on how the three cards play out together in Option 2.

    Thank you for this insightful and wonderful reading, and for posting images. The cards are quite lovely.



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